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October 7, 2012
Drug Policy Georgia


The presented drug policy legislative review planned and published in July 2012. This review made possible within the EU funded project: “Harm reduction- an oppression or the evidence based interventions: promoting empowerment, awareness and informed policy responses in Georgia”. The project was implemented by “Georgian Harm Reduction Network” and the “Penal Reform International” Tbilisi office.

The review is not general but rather deals with those detailed amendments that have a critical importance to change one of the harshest drug policies in the region. Based on the complexity of the topic there is no attempt the review to include every issue of concern but to take into account those necessary needs which have the    

Picture is real, no imitation, taken in Tbilisi

most importance in every democratic society to make a reduction of those harms caused by illegal and problematic use of drugs.The presented review is about the existing drug policy in Georgia during the past decade. The review includes periodically, especially since 2006 how Georgian drug policy has been “developed” and “evolved” towards the harshness not only at criminal but in civil fields too.

The review of Georgian drug policy gives us in fact an opportunity to realize that cruel approach chosen by legislature. Also it enables all interested persons to see clearly about the necessity of those legislative amendments which first of all are in the interest of the society and thus that of democratically developing state.

Currently the publication available only in Georgian

By Levan Jorbenadze


Drug Policy Georgia
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