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GeNPUD v. House of Justice

On March 26, 2018, Tbilisi City Court Judge Tamar Chuniashvili delivered a landmark judgment on allowing an official registration of Georgian Network of People Who Use Drugs for Human Drug Policy for Human Drug Policy (GeNPUD).

The lawsuit was prepared on behalf of GeNPUD with the legal support provided by lawyer Levan Jorbenadze, after the LEPL National Agency of Public Registry's decision GeNPUD was rejected for official state registration. The registration rejection was based only on the name "problem" because in the opinion of public registry the name of GeNPUD seemed to be an attempt “to put the illegal activities in legal framework", which was unfounded and violated our community’s fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the European Convention.


Law Kills!

Many hundreds of people gathered around the organizers’ preinstalled gallows in front of parliament in Tbilisi, demanding, and once again with concrete arguments, cases and emotions shouting on the government to keep the promises for drug policy change they’ve made before the elections.  

The rally organizers demonstrated a gallows as a symbol to reflect the reality of Georgian drug policy, which has already during the several decades been a negatively distinguished as inhuman, uncivilized and human killing drug policy. The very drug policy in this country which causes poverty, breaches the fundamental rights, among them right to life and right to be 


Imprisonment for Use of Marijuana is Unconstitutional

As it seems from the recent developments in the drug policy of Georgia, this country is not far from full decriminalization of marijuana and all the other drugs, which finally will end the many decades of the zero tolerance/harshest drug policy in this country, but what is the most important Georgia already moves towards the decriminalization not by political way of changing the drug policy but in a litigation way. Thus in this juncture there is the strongest and stable legal background not to ever go back what it was like, the very background which has been created by Constitutional Court and then through references of the Supreme Court of Georgia. The Constitutional Court judgments are final and not subject to appeal.

Now on September 29, 2016 the Constitutional Court of Georgia declares unconstitutional the imprisonment for use of marijuana. The Court passed judgment after the Supreme Court's a


Drug Use in Georgia

Drug Policy Legislative Review

The review of Georgian drug policy gives us in fact an opportunity to realize that cruel approach chosen by legislature. Also it enables all interested persons to see clearly about the necessity of those legislative amendments which first of all are in the interest of the society and thus that of democratically developing state.

The review is not general but rather deals with those detailed amendments that have a critical importance to change one of the harshest drug policies in the region. Based on the complexity of the topic there is no attempt the review to include every issue of concern but to take into account those necessary needs which have the most importance in every democratic society to make a reduction of those harms caused by illegal and problematic use of drugs.


First Marijuana Rally in Tbilisi

The rally participant gathered on Rustaveli Av. in front of former parliament building demanding for decriminalization of marijuana. The organizers of rally with the facebook page called “We Demand Marijuana Legalization” but for now demanding decriminalization with quite carefully formed demands in three points: 1. our goal is to protect personal liberty and not to popularize marijuana; 2. maybe the use of marijuana not preferred but in the 21st century a state prosecution of users unacceptable for a civilized world. 3. we think that there should be a categorization of drugs – marijuana should be separated from those drugs which are subject to criminal prosecution and to be decriminalized the use of this drug. The administrative fine with a reasonable amount should be imposed only for using marijuana in the public places. 

The Methadone Substitutive Treatment Center

Information About Methadone Substitution

Treatment Program in Georgia

The Methadone Substitutive Treatment Center at the State Narcological Science-Research Institute on Addiction provides free-of-charge methadone substitution treatment to opioid-dependent drug users. To be eligible, a patient

  1. Should be 25 years or older;
  2. Should have used opioid drugs for at least 3 years;




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