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Treatment of Opioid Users in Prison Institutions


Prison Methadone Program in Georgia


According to the information provided by penitentiary department there are methadone substitution and medical treatment centers in the following institutions

Medical Establishment for Tubercular Convicts

Medical Establishment for Convicts

Prison № 8

Medical Establishment for Tubercular Convicts went into exploitation in 1987. Treatment for convicts provided by the specialized medical staff. At the establishment different medical projects are carried out. Building of a new medical establishment is planned in the nearest future that will replace already existing one

Medical Establishment for Convicts situated on the territory of Prison #8. Hospital is equipped with modern apparatus and inventory; it has 6 Departments (reception, therapeutic, inflectional, mental, surgical, intensive therapeutic and anesthetic- reanimation units) 

Prison №8 went into exploitation by the end of 2007. Program of treating with methadone is functioning for the drug abuse convicts. There is a Medical Establishment for convicts on the territory of complex and its surroundings

Address: Mtskheta District, Borough Ksani, Tel: 75-83-11

Postal Code: 3312

Address: Tbilisi, Gldani district № 7m/d+2km. telephone: 58 59 58

Address: Tbilisi, Gldani № 7 m/d+2km, tel: 58-00-55;  57-88-33


Prison № 6

Prison № 2

General and Strict Regime Prison   № 3

Prison № 6 has started functioning since 2006. By the end of 2007 the new building was added to the complex. Rehabilitation Program" Atlantis" is functioning at the establishment for drug addicts and depended on other chemical substances Psychological rehabilitation program "Atlantis" works for drug addicts. Special rooms for group therapy, individual talks and sports, single shower bath and chapel rooms are arranged there for convicts involved in program

Main building of General and Strict Regime Prison № 3 went into exploitation since 1985. After opening of the new medical establishment it has been repaired and since 2008, started functioning as General and Strict Regime Prison № 3, there is also the Church on its territory

Address: Rustavi surroundings. (Vill.Tsikhisdziri)  Tel: 18-04-77

Address: Kutaisi, Kharebava Str. № 85.  Tel: 96067

Address: №77 Gorgasali str., Tbilisi, Tel: 752691 Postal Code: 0114

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