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Global Health and Human Rights Database
Officially Launched

Drug Policy Georgia

November 30, 2013

The Global Health and Human Rights Database ( is a free online database of judgments from around the world relating to health and human rights. This Database is a free searchable online database for now with the thousands of judgments, national constitutions and international instruments related to the health and human rights.

As one of the most fundamental rights the right to health and other health-related rights have been enshrined in a number of international treaties, regional instruments, and national constitutions and laws. The rights to health and in this regard the states’ obligation to provide not only just access to the right to health but with certain attainable standards have been the issue of interpretation and challenge for national

courts and international and regional human rights bodies all around the world.

The Database is the first attempt to make health and human rights law from both common and civil law jurisdictions available online for free of charge, and features case law from around the world. The Database provides original translations of the case law previously unavailable in English.

According to the Global Network for Public Interest Law an official public launch of the Database was held on 24 October 2013, at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York. Lawyers Collective and the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University developed the database in collaboration with a worldwide network of civil society and individual attorney partners. In Tbilisi, Georgia attorney partners of the Lawyers Collective were Levan Jorbenadze, Drug Policy Georgia and Nato Papava.

Lawyers Collective ( is a New Delhi, Mumbai based leading NGO in India focusing on strategic litigation and advocacy in HIV/AIDS and women’s rights.

The creation of the Database made possible with the support of the Levi-Strauss Foundation and the Ford Foundation. The Database might be useful for research and lawyer practitioners and for scholars or policy makers analyzing the legal documents.

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