New regulations on HIV/AIDS in Georgia


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Treatment of Opioid Users in Prison Institutions


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HIV/AIDS epidemiology in Georgia

According to the Georgian AIDS and Clinical Immunology Research Center by March 18, 2012 a total of 3724 HIV/AIDS cases have been registered including 2732 men and 992 women. Injecting drug use continues to remain an important route of HIV transmission - 53,0% of registered cases.

The majority of patients in Georgia are within the age group of 29-40. 2379 patients developed AIDS. 816 patients have died.

Although Georgia maintains HIV/AIDS low prevalence the spread of HIV/AIDS is observed year by year. Georgian AIDS and Clinical Immunology Research Center is a main institution responsible for development, implementation and coordination of all activities against HIV/AIDS epidemic spread in Georgia. It is the governmental institution affiliated with Department of Pubic Health of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social

Affairs. The Center was established in 1989 on the bases of the first HIV/AIDS Diagnostic Laboratory at the Hospital of Infectious Diseases in Tbilisi, Georgia.

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About Harm Reduction

“Harm Reduction” means to reduce harm in the society caused by drug use via medical, social, and political approaches.

When discussing drug use and HIV/AIDS prevalence, it is almost impossible not to mention “Harm Reduction” as one of the most effective tool to prevent (or limit) the spread of HIV/AIDS and other blood transmitted life threatening infections.

It includes utilizing complex prophylactic measures among drug users; for example syringe exchange, methadone treatment (substitutive therapy),

elementary medical education, social workers’ outreach work with the risk groups and etc.  

Harm reduction methods were first implemented in Europe in 1980s, paving way for its implementation in Asia and Caucasus. The number of harm reduction programs increased and changed not only by quantity but also by quality. In some countries harm reduction was recognized as the state strategy.

Harm reduction program in Georgia was launched in 2001 years in spite of legislative or other various difficulties harm reduction program is exists throughout Georgia.


About Methadone Substitution Therapy

Þ   Reduction or even stopping of illicit drug use

Þ    Reduction of criminal offences

Þ    Reduction of overdose and death cases related to drug use    

Þ    Prophylaxis of HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis and other dangerous diseases related to drug use

Þ    Patient’s health improvement


 Methadone Substitution Therapy Program in Georgia